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May 12 '12

Rising Legions D&D game: Derangements

So a while ago I mentioned that shortly after being whisked off to an entirely different universe to fight the Worldslayer of war, then following him into the realm of Chaos to destroy him — where, not only are mortals just NOT SUPPOSED TO BE, but he was in his true form, which is some kind of monstrous malformed boar-thing that mortals are just NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE — and making it back to our own world only to accidentally time travel about a year into the past…. our DM made us pick derangements/insanities for our D&D characters.

We didn’t choose off a list or anything, though some lists were provided for reference; mostly, we just analysed all the crap our characters went through and tried to imagine how that might tip them over the edge. Followers of this blog are familiar with my necromancer’s problems, but I thought I’d run through the whole party since I REALLY LIKE what the others came up with.

But let’s start with this guy.

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