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May 12 '12

Rising Legions D&D game: Derangements

So a while ago I mentioned that shortly after being whisked off to an entirely different universe to fight the Worldslayer of war, then following him into the realm of Chaos to destroy him — where, not only are mortals just NOT SUPPOSED TO BE, but he was in his true form, which is some kind of monstrous malformed boar-thing that mortals are just NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE — and making it back to our own world only to accidentally time travel about a year into the past…. our DM made us pick derangements/insanities for our D&D characters.

We didn’t choose off a list or anything, though some lists were provided for reference; mostly, we just analysed all the crap our characters went through and tried to imagine how that might tip them over the edge. Followers of this blog are familiar with my necromancer’s problems, but I thought I’d run through the whole party since I REALLY LIKE what the others came up with.

But let’s start with this guy.

Derangement: Lord Thaydin has actually been suffering from oneirophobia (fear of dreams) for a while due to his first experience with the dream-walking demon, and has some difficulties sleeping well because of it. But really, the most notable issue is his nightly craving for human corpses. To eat. If he doesn’t get his fix he goes into terrible withdrawal and has to start making will saves to not nom dead things at socially awkward times.

How Did This Happen?: His sanity has been pretty deeply at risk for some time now, and the fact that he’s mentally connected to a lot of undead doesn’t give his mind many positive role models. Having all those voices begging for flesh in his brain finally reminded him that he is undead himself, and maybe he craves it, too…

So Far: It’s only come up once, in the dream, and nobody in the party noticed. Lord Thaydin is convinced it was solely due to the nightmare.

Derangement: Asher has difficulty eating. He’s now disgusted by meat, extra sensitive to the smell of death or flesh or burning, and as a result is skipping meals and taking fortitude saves whenever the enemy is set on fire, or whenever the dead bodies get piled too high. This, in addition to the insomnia he’s just always had, makes him slightly unfit to adventure.

How Did This Happen?: A couple of reasons, really. The fact that we basically destroyed the Boar of War by roasting it alive with magic certainly didn’t help, in any case. But Asher was the only member of the party involved in delivering the cure to the plague we spent the first half of game dealing with, and he saw what was being done to the plague victims that were deemed too far gone. It involved burning them alive.

He’s just not too keen on that smell anymore.

So Far: It’s come up a lot, but he’s playing it off, so no one in the party has really noticed him skipping meals, and though Lord Thaydin’s a bit concerned that he seems bothered by the smell of death, no one’s noticed how much of a THING it really is.

Derangement: Yin has two that are sort of unrelated. One is the demophobia (fear of crowds) that’s begun manifesting, and he takes a great deal of penalties for being crowded while trying to fight and is uneasy with too many people in the room. The other is the more frightening and unpredictable PTSD he’s suffering, from all the horrific things he’s seen and experienced, and could flash back to whenever he’s reminded of them.

How Did This Happen?: Yin has actually shown signs of PTSD from the beginning few sessions of game, when he looked over a high cliff and flashbacked to the suicide of his father he had witnessed years ago. Now there are simply so many more things that could trigger it. The demophobia, meanwhile, is mostly due to his being threateningly mobbed on multiple occasions. 

So Far: He’s already expressed an uneasiness of crowds, and has difficulties fighting with my zombies about, but the PTSD hasn’t come up since that beginning session.


Derangement: Fuu’s problems all stem from memory. While she remembers those close to her, and has no trouble with her memory on a day-to-day basis, people she hasn’t seen in weeks may be completely and utterly forgotten. Events that happened too long ago fade far too quickly. And in moments of stress, she’ll forget any language but her native one, reverting to the Lenzian that only one member of the party speaks.

How Did This Happen?: While most of the party was off finding components to a ritual, Fuu was actually the one member to stay behind, in what we thought was a safe city, for  several months. There, she became the victim of a particularly nasty mind-mage who repeatedly scrambled her memories to keep his identity and actions from getting out. Most of the damage was fixed, and her proper memories restored, but she never fully recovered.

So Far: The language-switch thing has happened a couple of times, and is just beginning to become an alarming problem. However, while she’s forgotten one friend who was awfully unhappy to have been forgotten, only her son has noticed that as more than a little odd.

Derangement: Gonna go ahead and admit Alter is my favourite derangement. He sometimes sees things in the wrong time.* He’ll perceive things that happened an hour ago as happening right now, see the brand new version of a long-decayed ruin, or even react to things that haven’t happened yet. This is, as you might expect, just A TAD BIT INCONVENIENT, especially when he thinks he’s fighting enemies that we, y’know, killed several rounds ago.

How Did This Happen?: Travelling through time just snapped something with Alter. He already has some kind of weird problem with time for reasons we don’t fully understand (though it’s been theorised at one point that he simply comes from another time period somehow), and moving through time and pulling the ridiculous shenanigans we’ve been pulling of stable time loops and rewriting the past have sort of changed the way he perceived time…. permanently.

So Far: Alter is the only party member to straight up admit he’s crazy, and to be fair, we noticed he was seeing things that hadn’t happened yet pretty quickly. He’ll inform us when he’s seeing things that aren’t there or when things suddenly change time for him, with no attempt to hide it. As a result, we pretty much think he’s the only one who’s gone really crazy from time-travel, and that we’re all in the clear.


*I stole Dante Shepherd’s official term for this, because I was super thrilled that StW basically touched on something our party had already realised: that time travel will make you pretty crazy.

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